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Signature Massage

30 min - $75

60 min - $110

90 min - $155

C'Siren Signature Massage

Using certified organic and natural arnica and/or CBD blend-based lotions and oils. Great for aching, swelling joints, muscles, cellulite, fibromyalgia, other autoimmune diseases, and pre and post-operation. Relax and totally de-stress. 

Swedish Massage

Gentle, light strokes to soothe aches and pains. Relieves tension, improves circulation, and restores balance in your body.

Deep Tissue I Visceral Massage

Deep tissue combined with neuromuscular myofasical release. Trigger point therapy, deep pressure, and stretching targets muscle tension, soreness, joint issues, and tissue toxin. Visceral massage focuses on the abdominal area to release any scar tissue under the skin or on/around organs and muscles. Improves flexibility, mobility, and aids with digestive issues.

Sports I Stretching Mobility Massage

Customized massage using light to deep pressure. Combines Tui Na (Chinese Sports), acupressure, myofascial release, neuromuscular, reflexology techniques, and stretching. Releases muscle and joint tension while aiding healing and improving flexibility. 

Mother To Be I Post Natal Massage

Take some precious mommy time with a massage designed for you! Light to firm touch in specific areas to help relieve stress, swelling, and lower back pain. 

Custom Teen Massage

Our teen massage is customized to meet your teens needs. Helps reduce the tension and stress in muscles/joints and calms the mind. Relieves tension headaches, growing pains, sports injuries, increases the immune system, aids in sleeping, and more. Each session includes some stretching and relaxation suggestions.

Specialty Massage


Senior Massage (Age 69+)

A massage specifically designed for seniors to increase circulation and promote relaxation using gentle strokes, pressure point therapy, and light stretching. Can be done clothed.

  • 30 min - $75

  • 60 min - $110

Couples Massage

Share our private couples room with a loved one. Bring in your own special beverage or request us to arrange for you. 

  • 60 min - $220

  • 90 min - $310

Reflexology Massage 

Pressure point massage with light to firm strokes that restores, balances, improves circulation and relieves stress and tension in the hands and feet to stimulate your organs. Focuses on Hands, Feet, and Head. Detoxifying foot scrub is optional.

  • 30 min (Hands AND Feet) - $75 

  • 60 min (Head, Neck, Hands, Feet) - $110

Stress and Sinus Release 

This massage is concentrated on the head, neck, shoulders, arms, and pressure points on the face. An excellent way to release tension, stress, sinus pressure, and headaches. Customized essential oils are blended to meet your needs. 

  • 30 min - $75

  • 60 min - $110

Lymphatic Drainage with or without Suction Cupping

Slow and relaxing light to medium touch therapy that gets the lymph and toxins moving. Promotes healthy activity of the immune system, increases metabolism, and purifies/regenerates tissue and organs. Excellent for sinuses issues, edema, autoimmune disorders, cellulite, and muscle and joint tightness.

  • 30 min - $75

  • 60 min - $110

  • 90 min - $155

Chair Massage

A relaxing head, neck, shoulder, down to hands massage without having to undress. Perfect for quick relief of muscle tension and stress.

  • First 15 min - $45

  • 15 min additional - $35

Massage Add-Ons

$40 - $45

Hot Stones & Warm Herbal Packs

Enjoy a relaxing massage with the added bonus of hot stones and warm herbal packs. Aromatherapy is also used to melt the tension in your muscles and mind!



Thai Herbal Ball

Drift away to paradise by opening up your energy channels using a warm herbal ball and light Thai stretching. The scent of herbs will send your mind away while the warmth of the massage melts muscle tension. As a bonus, take your herbal ball home to enjoy a relaxing soak post-treatment.


Celluma Light Therapy

Anti-inflammatory, increase circulation, detoxifies the body. Works on the muscle tissue, joints, and skin. Great for pre and post-surgery and other injuries to the body. Will apply celluma to needed area during massage treatment.


Massage Therapy
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